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Application Deadline: May 17, 2024
Current School Data
Post Secondary Plans (please complete if you are a Graduating HS Senior)
Is this a 4-year college/university?
Activities and Experience 

Please attach a list all the school, church, and community activities you have participated in during the past four years. Your list should include the name of the activity, the role or position you've held in that organization, the number of years you've participated in that activity, and any honors/awards you've won. 

Upload List
Work Experience

Please attach a copy of your resume that should detail any work experience you've held in the past four years. Please make sure you include your employer, your job title, and a start/end date for each position. 

Upload Resume
Counselor or Advisor's Contact Information 

Applicants must include an essay describing their academic, professional and spiritual aspirations.

Essay must be a minimum of 350 words

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Please upload a copy of your unofficial transcript from your high school or university

Upload Transcript

Thank you for applying! You will receive a confirmation email soon. If you have any additonal questions, please email

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