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Minister of Music and Worship Arts

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Job Objectives

The Minister of Music and Worship Arts is a full-time position that is mandated to be the compelling voice of music in the church.  The Minister of Music and Worship Arts is responsible for the musical development and growth of the choirs and musicians of each organized musical entity in the church.  The Minister of Music and Worship Arts is also responsible to the Senior Pastor for developing, planning, conducting, scheduling, and evaluating the Worship Arts Ministries of the church.  The Minister of Music and Worship Arts must be concerned with and engaged in every aspect of the church worship, revivals and productions involving music, dance and drama.  This position is directly responsible to the Senior Pastor and accountable to the Omega Official Board.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Select music and orchestrations for vocalists and instrumentalists for Sunday worship services and any special events in or outside the church requiring assistance from the Worship Arts Ministry. 

  • Provide musical support for ministry activities, outings and engagements as needed.

  • Shepherd and disciple worship ministry members.

  • Plan and lead creative blended style services in conjunction with the Senior Pastor and worship team.

  • Work with soloists, ensembles and instrumentalists regarding the selection and appropriateness of their music. 

  • Secure substitutes to provide music leadership and/or support when needed.

  • Attend weekly staff, worship planning, and ministry meetings.

  • Plan major seasonal musical dramas two to three times per year. 

  • Cultivate, strengthen and maintain partnerships and external relationships in the community.

  • Grow and develop the music and worship arts ministries in line with the mission of the church.

  • Develop and implement short- and long-term ministry goals.

  • Budget and oversee the financial administration of the Worship Arts Ministry.

  • Purchase and maintain all required music and worship arts supplies and equipment.

  • Keep a log of all music performed for CCLI reporting. 

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor regarding music.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Must have strong interpersonal and leadership/supervisory skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in music and/or church ministries preferred, but not required.

  • Preference may be given for individuals who can play the piano.

  • Must be able to communicate effectively (orally and in writing).

  • Must have an appearance appropriate to the business and ministry of the church.

  • Must be able to develop an annual budget, in conjunction with a ministry calendar.

  • Must have basic computer skills.

  • A minimum of three years of leadership experience in music ministry is preferred.

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