Reading the Bible
Reading The Bible

Reading the Bible


Reading The Bible



Who were the "sons of God" who married "the daughters of men" and had children who were giants in Genesis 6:2-4?

Where in the Bible does it say "my thoughts are not your thoughts"?

What Is the Will of God for My Life?

Wednesday nights, from 6:30pm - 7:45pm.
(brief discussion until 8:00pm) 


Do you know the answers to these qeustion? Or, do you struggle with just reading the bible? Don't be discouraged! You are not alone.


One of the first steps in understanding the bible is READING it. So join us as we journey through the entire bible, book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse, from Genesis to Revelation. We will have readers on stage and they will be reading the bible every Wednesday night, at 6:30pm. Afterwards we will have a brief discussion and question and answer session.


If you happen to miss a Wednesday or can't make it in person you can listen right here online by clicking Bible Readings on the left. So you have no excuse!


So please join us as we first, get the word in us, and in doing so, get a better understanding of God's word for us.


Hope To See You There!

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